Ways to Generate traffic to your news website

There are some very trusted ways you can adopt to build steady flow of traffic to your website. Here in this article we call it the  4 Ways to Generate traffic to your news website.


facebook_2_1If you have not started using  Facebook to generate  steady and reliable traffic to your news website,  then you are losing out. Facebook is predicted to contest with google in terms of search and traffic generation in the next few years. Firstly, add Facebook share button  near the title of your post. You can also add it to the end of the post. secondly register a Facebook fan page ,design the banner with your news logo and add all contacts details to make your page look professional.Finally , use a free service like twitterfeed to automatically post contents from your  news script directly into your Facebook fan page. Posting to your Facebook fan page serves two purposes- Firstly, it generate back links to your website .Secondly you build online relationship with trusted visitors to your website


twitter-logoTwitter is by far one of the best and trusted way to generate traffic to your news website. Millions of people search twitter  everyday with keywords, which means that if you also post contents from your news website directly to twitter  people might find your tweet and follow the links to ready the complete story in your website.In addition, some of those people could decide to follow you ,which means you now have a free guaranteed visitor. Moreover those followers could even retweet your tweet, thus generating more traffic and hopefully more followers. The process goes on and on just like that. Twitterfeed can also be used to stream your news contents from your website directly to twitter.


reddit_logo_bannerReddit is another trusted way to generate traffic to your news website. Most people tend to disregard Reddit and only concentrate on Facebook and Twitter. If you are doing that, then you are definitely missing out from the international cake. Reddit is comparable to twitter and Facebook in terms of traffic and millions of people use them everyday to follow trending topics  and issues bordering on fashion, sport sand others.All you have to do is to your some news stores  to reddit. Please not that reddit hate self posting, so it is better to post -say like 4 in a week or so.Reddit is a page rank 8 which means you will also get some good back links which will increase your ranking in google search engine.


diggDigg and Reddit operates in almost similar fashion but Digg  delivers only interesting and much talked about stories on the web. They  help you find, read, and share the very best ones.Just like the others, you can register an account and post/share  some contents from your news website  intermittently.

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